The Governing body is involved with the school at every level, but its core key responsibilities are; 

  • To ensure clarity of vision and strategic direction
  • Setting aims and targets for the school and checking the school's progress towards attaining these
  • Monitoring how well the school's policies and plans are working
  • Accounting for the performance of the school and Governing Body
  • Working with the Headteacher to make sure that teaching at school is effective and good quality and the children are making the best possible progress
  • Taking general responsibility for the school and its budget
  • Challenging and supporting the Headteacher and taking opportunities to show interest in and appreciation of staff and pupils
  • Promoting the interests of the school and its pupils in the wider community

Our Governing Body is co-chaired by Anna Burr and Anne Edwards.  If you would like to contact them, please contact the school office who will forward your email directly onto them. 

Minutes are not routinely shared on the federation school websites. Copies of minutes are available on request by contacting any of the school offices.