Robinwood 22

In Autumn 2018, after a rigorous consultation process, the Chapel Haddlesey governing body voted to federate with Barlow Primary School.  The Burton Salmon Governing Body voted to join our federation in October 2019 and, from then on, we started to move forward together as a three school federation.

Whilst each school maintains their own identity through the school logo, uniform, vision and values, there is one Executive Headteacher and one governing body working in the best interests of the pupils and staff across both schools.

As the federation has strengthened its foundations, we have staff who work across both sites and deliver foundation subjects across the federation including PE, Cookery, French and SEN and Year 6 booster interventions.   A Senior Leadership Team made up of the Executive Headteacher, a Head of School at each school, the Pastoral Support Lead, the EYFS Lead and the Business Manager implement the strategic direction of the school and meet regularly to drive forward the improvements identified on the School Improvement Plan.

Teaching staff from across the federation take on a subject leadership role covering all three schools, creating greater coverage of the curriculum.

Our pupils from across the schools regularly join together for shared trips, workshops and social events. 

We are particularly proud of our new federation logo, which was designed in Autumn 2019 and is now used on federation newsletters, policies and other shared documents.

Our new federation name, 'The White Rose Federation' was suggested by Phoebe Callan and her family, one of our pupils at Barlow.