The Year 4, 5 & 6 children from both Barlow and Chapel Haddlesey schools were invited to take part in a 3 day residential visit at the Robinwood Adventure Activity Centre in Todmorden, West Yorkshire.  A group of 39 excited children set off on the Monday morning with Mrs MacDonald, Mrs Smith & Miss Ducat in charge.

The children enjoyed a full programme of events including bouldering, climbing, archery, piranha pool, dungeon, crate challenge, alien conspiracy, team challenge, night line, caving and trapeze.  All activities were planned, risk assessed and led by the instructors at the centre.

Here are some quotes from the children about the adventure:

Robinwood was so much fun.  My favourite part was the ‘Piranha Pool’ where we got given clues.  We had 40 minutes to get out of a room before the piranhas were released. My favourite food was the pizza because it had loads of cheese on it.

By Lily, Yr 5, aged 9

Robinwood was really, really fun.  We did bouldering which is climbing through the rocks.  It was so funny as I got stuck in the rock – it did hurt but it was funny.   Afterwards, my instructor was so proud of me because, even though it hurt, I carried on going through the rest of them.  We also did the ‘Night Line’ activity where we had blind folds on and had to do obstacles.  My favourite part was the trapeze.  Mrs Bodle told me how amazing the food was and she was right.  For breakfast we had 3 potato waffles, 1 sausage, beans and burnt bacon!

Darcy, Yr5, Aged 9