Junior Road Safety Officers meeting the Police

When two Traffic Police Officers were monitoring the traffic on the road outside our school this week, Mrs Lindley used it as an opportunity for our Junior Road Safety officers to meet with them and discuss concerns over speeding past the school and the increase in traffic following the closure earlier this year of the A19 due to flooding.  

The school's two Junior Road Safety Officers, Harry and Harriet , were invited to look at the vehicles and equipment used to check the speed of passing vehicles.  They were excited to report back to their peers that the police officers hope to return soon so that they can meet more pupils, show them their vans and motorbike, and discuss how they keep our roads safe.  

Mrs Lindley said, 'We have increasing concerns regarding the amount of traffic and the speed it travels past the school, especially at the beginning and end of the school day.  Hopefully, it will be the beginning of working collaboratively to keep our community safe.'