Careers Talk

The children in Class 3 were visited by Bethany Hoe, Community Investment co-ordinator, and Steven Ratcliffe, Site Manager, from Sewell Construction to host a careers talk.  They introduced the children to the variety of jobs in the construction industry and talked to them about the different routes they could take to get into the industry. 

Did you know, as of 2020, there were almost two million people who work in construction in the UK. To give you an idea of how many people can work on

one construction project, it took about 1,450 of those two million workers to help build The Shard - that's the UK's tallest building. More than 180 million people work in the construction industry around the world.

Kian said: “Two visitors came in and they worked in construction.  They told us a bit about it and I got to try on a costume.  They were really nice.”

Lily said:“I liked all the things that Beth and Steve showed us.  I loved all the safety tools that we got to try on, especially the hat and I loved how we talked about what job we would have if we worked in construction.  I also learnt a fact that only 14% of people who work in construction are women, wow.  I loved it!  I also learnt that they use drones to look over buildings instead of climbing and breaking the building."