On Monday 22nd April, Class 2 had seven chick eggs delivered by Incredible Eggs who are ethical providers of high welfare hatching kits in England and Scotland.  They provide an incubator and a brooder (for when the chicks have hatched).  Within 24 hours of delivery we had six chicks!  It was amazing to see how hard the chicks worked to exit their shells and how quickly they grow and become fluffy.

Every day the children have been holding them and showing such kindness and gentleness towards the chicks.  On Thursday 2nd May the chicks left us to go to a loving home.  Mrs Winder took three of the chicks and Mrs Morton’s mum took the remaining four.

Class 2 have named the chicks relating to the current class topic of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, so we have Lucy, Narnia, Snow Queen, Mr Tumnus, Aslan and Turkish Delight.