The Federation Class 3 trip to the Interfaith Centre in Bradford was a fantastic experience for our pupils to take a tour around a Mosque and experience another culture and religion, face-to-face. During the visit, we were shown where and how people of the Muslim faith pray, including the Five Pillars of Islam and we experienced demonstrations of how people prepare themselves for prayer. We took part in an insightful discussion about the building itself. The children learnt why Muslims pray towards Mecca and we discussed why our guide was fasting at the point of our visit.

Noah B: When we went to the Mosque the people showed us around.  The facts are very interesting, and they showed us the holy Quran.  They let us act as the people who work there, and it was fun, now I know lots more.

Jake: First thing we did at the mosque was to take our shoes off.  Next a nice man explained why people washed their body before praying.  Next, he led us to the hall where all the Muslims pray and showed us how to pray.