Millfield Road
Chapel Haddlesey
01757 270282
Dear Parents & Carers
Parking around School

Our Junior Road Safety Officer’s, along with Miss Lamb, conducted a safety walk and would like to remind
parents and other visitors:

  • Drive safely through the village, observing the 30 miles per hour speed limit
  • Be careful driving into the car park at slow speed, and not driving on the footpaths in the car park which are used by pupils as safe places.
  • Only park in the disabled spaces if you have a valid blue badge and the person it relates to needs to exit the car, or by prior special arrangement with school
  • Parents, staff and children to use the pedestrian footpath when crossing the car park
  • Not to park opposite the yellow zigzags or obstruct the pavement opposite the school so that parents and children can safely cross in the area and walk on the path In addition to this, could we please take this opportunity to remind vehicle users of the following:
  • Always reverse into parking spaces
  • No double parking
  • No stopping, dropping or parking on the School Keep Clear yellow zig zags
  • No parking on corners or junctions especially near the school entrances
  • No parking or turning in the car park entrance
  • lease do not block driveways or park too close to the entrances of our neighbours’ homes

By remembering these points, you will improve the safety of the area surrounding your child’s school and
make an impact upon pupil safety.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs R. Lindley
Head of School