Our school meals are cooked daily in our own kitchen by our School Cooks, Mrs Lelean on a Monday to Thursday and Mrs Smith on a Friday. They are freshly cooked and prepared every day in our purpose built kitchen using locally sourced produce wherever possible. All school meals are prepared to a very high standard and we are pleased to have been awarded the top mark of a '5' from the Foods Standard Agency.

A freshly prepared two course meal will be offered every day with meat and vegetarian options available. All food served in school will be nutritionally balanced based on the government’s nutritional guidelines to ensure that children can work better in the afternoons. Children who have a dietary requirement may also be catered for including religious, cultural or allergy and/or intolerance diets. Please contact school if your child requires a special diet or ask to speak to the school cook directly.

Our children are invited to dine daily in Class 1 and 3 classrooms. The children are encouraged to set their own place with a knife, fork, spoon and water cup and tidy away after themselves once finished too.   Children are encouraged to collect their meals from the Cooks and then select a piece of fresh bread.  The Midday Supervisors look after our children at lunchtime, keeping them safe whilst eating and encouraging them to use a knife and fork, display appropriate table manners and to always say please and thank you. We believe that every part of the day is a learning opportunity.

The food is simple and delicious and follows a three weekly menu plan, put together by our new catering provider, Mellors.  They observe healthy eating guidance and prepare a varied menu using as much fresh local produce as possible. There are lots of  meal choices available - the main hot choice of the day, a vegetarian option, a jacket potato option or a sandwich option.  During the course of the year we also offer themed meals such as a Bonfire Lunch, a Roast Dinner Day and a Burger Day.

Parents are requested to complete the paper copy of the three weekly menu for the full term at the start of the term.  Pupils can have the hot choice, a jacket potato, a sandwich or bring their own packed lunch or can 'pick and mix', selecting a combination of the above.  If your child chose a menu option at the start of the term but, having tried it, wishes to change, this can be arranged by emailing the school office where Mrs Charlton will change their chosen selection going forward.

Currently children in key stage one (Reception, Year 1 and Y2) benefit from Universal Free School Meals- the Government covers the cost! However fussy you think your little eater is, we would encourage you to sign your child up for a school meal. you can be confident that in the wide choice available there will be something that your child will love. 

The cost of a hot meal is £2.85 or £14.25 per week, payable in advance on ParentPay. This is excellent value for money given the hot meal prepared, offered with a piece of fresh bread and a dessert.  We do encourage all our families to support our meal service as much as they can to keep it a viable financial model in the current funding climate.

The menus for the current term are available to view at the bottom of the page.

Can my child still bring a packed lunch?

Yes they can, but we would encourage them to try a school lunch. This will give them a varied and balanced diet and save you time and money. If you wish your child to have a packed lunch then we ask that you provide a healthy one, which is low in saturated fats, salt and sugar with no glass bottles or fizzy drinks. Please also avoid pastries, crisps and chocolate on a daily basis and encourage salads and fruit. Packed lunches are stored in an area which is not refrigerated so please be aware of this when choosing the contents.