RE within School

RE lessons at school aim to encourage and enable each child to explore their own beliefs, values and traditions and those of others in meaningful and engaging ways. RE will encourage children to share their diverse range of experiences and grow individually and together with sensitivity and respect towards people of all faiths and beliefs.

Periods of reflection are regularly carried out during lessons enabling children to talk about their feelings and ideas in response to their experience of religious ceremonies, stories and beliefs. A variety of approaches are used in the teaching of RE including discussion, storytelling, role play, research, the use of IT, visits, visitors and the handling of artefacts. RE has many natural cross-curricular links and these are used to extend learning and creative opportunities, for example, the use of poetry and creative writing to explore spirituality or the study of religious paintings in art.

Our school is a Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School and we give the children opportunities to become familiar with a range of Anglican tradition and practice. We have good links with the local church.  As part of our teaching, children write prayers for use in collective worship and at lunchtime. Through a rich range of activities, we provide all children with opportunities to reflect on big questions e.g. about love, identity, beliefs, encouraging them to respond with enthusiasm and eagerness to spiritual questions and ideas.