Selby Leisure Centre

Every two years, we take our Year 3 to Year 6 pupils for swimming lessons at Selby Leisure Centre.  This academic year,  there has been huge demand on swimming lesson slots following a couple of years of disrupted activity with Covid.  We have secured a 13 week block of 50 minute swimming lessons in the summer term for the federation and this will be split across the 3 schools.  We will be taking as m any children as possible to maximise the 45 pupil limit and this may even include some Year 2's this year, depending on cohort numbers.  

As we take our pupils every 2 years, children have the opportunity to attend swimming lessons in two separate years during their primary education with the federation.

As part of our Charging Policy, we do ask parents to voluntarily donate a contribution towards the cost of the pool hire, instructors and transport.