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Dear Parents & Carers

France 2020
The Year 5 and 6 trip to France will soon be upon us. Mrs MacDonald, Mrs J.Smith, Mrs Hall and Miss Northway will be attending the trip along with 30 children from across the federation. A schedule of activities will be made available 2 weeks prior to the trip by the team at The Chateau Du Tertre, we will share this with you in due course. This is a useful link to view details of the location and what activities are on offer
Passport and EHIC Card
This week we have requested a copy of your chid’s passport so that we can check the length of validity to ensure that the trip runs smoothly. It is mandatory that all passports have a minimum of six months remaining on them following the no deal Brexit. This means that your child’s passport must be valid on and beyond 20th September 2020. If not, you must apply for a new passport as soon as possible. Could all copies of passports please be sent to school by Tuesday 21st January 2020. We will be asking for actual passports to be in school the week before the trip along with a EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card). If your child does not already have a EHIC card, could you please apply for one on this link The EHIC card entitles travellers of the EU to claim free healthcare. It is not certain how Brexit will affect this care. We have purchased fully inclusive insurance from PGL and also hold School Journey Insurance through NYCC. The PGL insurance policy can be found at
Forms attached/ to complete
There are various attachments to this letter:
 The Parent Consent form issued with this letter must be returned to school by Friday 24th January 2020.
 A kit list.
 The menu issued is a sample only to give you an idea of the food on offer, you do not need to select their menu choices.
 A list of gifts/snacks available from the Chateau du Tertre, but please note that we request that children take a maximum of 20 euros with them. This must be in a named purse/wallet or re-sealable bag.
 A form for administering Calpol during the trip; if this form could be returned with the Parent Consent form this week please. School will provide Calpol for emergency use on the trip.
 A blank form for administering medicine for any medication, including inhalers, which your child will need whilst on the trip. We will take with us the inhaler we have in school for your child.
Transport Arrangements
The coach will be making only one pick up and drop off as the travel time is already substantial. The coach will depart from Chapel Haddlesey Primary School at 3.05am on Monday 16th March 2020 (note the early morning pick up) and will arrive back at Chapel Haddlesey Primary school at 11.30pm on Friday 20th March 2020. The coach will arrive at 2.35am on Monday 16th March to allow plenty of time for loading luggage and preparing the children for their journey. Luggage labels will be provided closer to the time. The children will need a pack up containing breakfast and lunch for the journey. Please do not send fizzy drinks or sweets and most importantly no nuts as there are children on the trip with allergies.
The coach is covered by a 24 hour breakdown assistance and all drivers are DBS checked. There will
be a change of driver during the trip to work within the EU working directive guidelines and the coach has full vehicle insurance cover. The bus has lap belts, reclining seats, an on-board toilet and washroom, air conditioning/climate control and a DVD player. It is suggested that a book, playing cards or other non-electronic travel games be taken for the journey. For parent peace of mind, there is a 24 hour helpline while the coach is travelling that will be issued closer to the time.
Please note that mobile phones/smart watches are not permitted on the trip and would be confiscated. A Facebook page will be updated daily to keep you up to date with the news!
On the brand new Chapel Haddlesey website that has launched today, there are links to the Chateau du Tertre virtual tour – just search ‘France’ in the search box.
We hope that this trip will be a wonderful experience for all the children involved and look forward to seeing new friendships bloom.
Yours sincerely
Mrs L Charlton
Admin Assistant