Modern Foreign Languages

Our MFL subject leader across the federation is Mrs Collins. She has chosen to use the Language Angels scheme to enable our children to access a foreign language. The award-winning scheme is designed to allow primary school teachers, irrespective of their linguistic ability, to teach the foreign language of their choice. Units vary from Early Language Units (which are ideal for children with little or no previous foreign language knowledge) all the way through to Progressive Units (which are great for extending and challenging pupils with a sound understanding of the basics of the language they are learning)

As well as French, the children have experienced other languages through various topic days, such as Japan Day or the French Breakfast at Barlow (the photo gallery includes some photos from the French Breakfast). They also make links to their personal experiences from other countries they have visited, or family background.

The curriculum plan for this year will include: Colours and numbers, animals, family, seasons, ancient Britain, healthy living, phonics and regular verbs.

Learning is evidenced in books, classroom displays, newsletters, trips and wherever possible through cross-curricular activities.

Your child is invited to use the Pupil Games area of the Language Angels website. Details of which can be found below:

Log in details available on request from the office.