Legacy Garden

Over the years, our Year 6 leavers have presented gifts to the school as a thank you. This year, during lockdown, Mrs Hall and Mrs Smith have redesigned the garden near the Reception area of school to incorporate these gifts.   We are pleased to introduce our new Legacy Garden.

A theme of earth, wind, fire and water ties links the leavers' gifts. These include: a simple planting scheme of grasses that will blow in the wind; a cherry tree to signify long life and the cheerful yellow Euonymous plant, meaning "lucky" or "good". The plants are planted in slate chippings and cobbles to emphasis the structured features.

The leavers of 2018 presented a water feature symbolising the "flow of lifelong learning, offered at the school". The 2020 leavers presented a sundial, representing the "time they had spent at the school."

We also wanted the garden to be a place to reflect the highs and lows of the day and somewhere to stop, pause and take a moment. We have included two Peace Benches and four steel gazing balls to reflect the sunlight.

We plan for the garden to grow and evolve, just like our children.