Ice hanging

Class 2 were joined by Mrs Seath, an Arts Specialist,  exploring this term's theme 'The Natural World'.

On Wednesday, they explored the theme of 'The Natural World' looking specifically at patterns in nature such as branching, spiraling, fractals etc. The class took some designs they had been working on and selected one or two favourites to transform into sand paintings, using PVA glue and coloured sand. The style was inspired by Andy Warhol's limited colour palette, bold use of colour and repetitive 'tiling' compositions. A small selection of these have been photographed, but class two are hoping to combine all the individual 'tiles' together to make one big collaborative piece for a display.

For Thursday's art activity the children arranged a selection of natural elements such as shells, leaves, berries, pinecones, petals etc. into paint trays, added a ribbon and filled them with water. Because we've had such a lot of frost this week and with the weather forecast saying it would snow, we were hoping that if we left the trays outside overnight, the water would freeze to create some beautiful decorative ice hangings. Unfortunately, they did not set, however, we did get some lovely pictures of the designs, so not all was lost!

Finally, on Friday the class created some colourful painted leaf bowls, using a combination of real oak leaves (painted on Thursday) and coloured paper cut out leaves. These were made by wrapping a balloon in clingfilm and painting PVA on the bottom and top of the leaves. The style and leaf patterns were inspired by the abstract and vibrant work of Kandinsky. Everyone is very much looking forward to popping the balloons on Monday to reveal the results.