Great Fire of London

On Thursday 9th November the children in Year 1 were joined by Year 1 children from Barlow Primary school for an outdoor learning workshop hosted by Alfresco Learning all about the ‘Great Fire of London’.  They investigated the wattle and daub building method used to build houses in 1666, building their own houses with the sticky mixture.  They learnt about Thomas Farriner and his bakery and how he failed to put out the flames in his oven on that fateful night. The children then investigated different materials to help build a strong, waterproof bakery for Thomas.

The children had lots to say following their experience:

William: We used rocks and clay to build a bakery.

Willis: We made a wattle wall like the houses in the Great Fire of London.

Heidi: We mixed mud, straw and water to make daub.

Scarlett: People tried to escape the Great Fire on boats, but it didn’t work as some of the boats set on fire.

Olivia: The wood used to make the wattle wall sets fire easily when dry.