To enhance our science studies in Class 2 and Class 3, we planned a joint visit with Chapel Haddlesey School to Magna Science Adventure Centre, near Sheffield. 

The children took part in ‘The Forces Show’ workshop for an hour. This show introduced the children to the amazing invisible role of forces in everyday life. In our dynamic world everything that happens is caused by forces, but what better way to understand them then to investigate, fire, rockets, whirlpools, and even marshmallows.  The show motivated the children to have a go, puzzle over problems and think through answers. With plenty of interaction the children were inspired by ideas for extending their learning at home and at school.  After the workshop, the children moved around in their groups to see all of the exhibits and to explore the four pavilions – Earth, Fire, Air and Water.  The children fully enjoyed the visit which the PTA donated £200 towards the transport costs.  The children especially enjoyed being able to take part in some hands-on experiences during the day. 

Here is what some of our children said about the day:-

Anna:- ‘Magna Science Museum was amazing, it had four sections, water, earth , The Big Bang and fire.  We did The Big Bang first and well, it goes by it’s name, there were four big bangs.  There was also fire and sparks, it was so cool.  At fire we saw a fire tornado, it was so cool!!  There was also an area where you could feel different materials and their temperature.  In earth we got to use diggers, not real ones, but still cool. Magna was awesome!’

Isabelle:- ‘Magna was amazing. We got to see different elements like fire, air, wind and earth.  I think wind was the best because there was lots of things to do and see, like you got to make a wind tornado.  We also had a go with the wind tubes   where you put a piece of fabric in a tube and it came out of another.  We made a fire tornado, it was really cool, but warm.  In the earth room we used diggers to lift balls our of a pit and looked at crystals.  Magna was the best experience.’

Jessica:-‘In Magna there was different types of elements, there was fire, which had a fire tornado and this big machine called the Big Melt which set on fire, it was like a big fire show.  There was air and that had some pipes that you put material in and it blew out and everyone tried to catch it.’