Viking day

On Friday, 1st December, to enhance our Class 2 studies of history, our children were joined by Class 2 from Barlow Primary School to attend an action-packed Viking workshop in our Village Hall. The workshop was provided by Murton Park, Danelaw Living History Services. Our children spent a full day learning about the life of a Viking settler. The Murton Park Vikings brought their Viking village to Chapel Haddlesey which comprised of a number of houses, workshops and fields, providing the perfect setting for a hands-on activity day. After an initial introduction led by a real-life Viking, as can be seen below the children were taken to the settlement to meet the rest of the community, to prove to the Lord or Lady of the village that they have the necessary skills to be an asset! Working in groups the children learnt about farming and food in the Viking age, pottery, and household tasks. They had to take their turns on guard duty and learn how to defend the village from attack.

Marshall: “My favourite was the helmet because it had chains.  I didn’t like the chain armour because it was so heavy”.

Teddy H-D: “We had a Viking man come to visit in the Village Hall, he told us about some of the gods and the artefacts in the morning.  In the afternoon we made oil lamps, made a game and wrote an artefact list and held a spear and shield.