School Council

Thanks to Lucas in Year 6 for preparing some information about the School Council for our website:

First of all, what is the school Councils purpose? Our purpose is to decide whether certain things happen to our school, such as if we should get a bike shed or not. We decide which charities we donate to and overall try our best to make the school  a better place.

What do we discuss? We have regular meetings which help us tackle new events and ideas as they come along.  We are supported by a Teaching Assistant who makes notes about what we have discussed and helps us keep to time!

What type of things have we looked at this year? This year we have looked at funding a bike shed and we are still debating where the best place for this would be. We also donated to the RSPCA and Caring For Life with the money from a non-uniform day. We  will be going around the  classes and asking questions to help us decide if we should get a bike shed or not.

Last year, the school council came up with idea of a summer production which went really well! All our t-shirts and props were designed and organised by them and we made lots of money for our classroom resources, which means we have better learning opportunities for all ages.